The Proficient Engineer

Notes on Effective Weekly Planning


I consider the following as key building blocks of having a good week. If you are the type of person who likes to optimize themselves, this post will help. There’s three parts to effectively setting expectations for yourself:

Iterate, repeat. That’s how it works.

Monday Vision:

On Mondays, you simply identify three key results you want for the week. This is your vision for the week. It puts you in the drivers seat and you get to decide what you want to accomplish. Rather than get lost among the sea of things to do, you bubble up the three most important outcomes for the week, and these three outcomes help guide you throughout your week. This simple pattern has a few benefits:

Daily Outcomes

Here are three steps you can use to create your three compelling stories to drive your day:

The real beauty of Daily Outcomes is that you can wake up any day and simply ask yourself, “What are the three things I really want to accomplish today?” That’s it.

Friday Reflection

For Friday Reflection, simply think about your past week and identify three things going well and three things to improve. It’s a chance to celebrate your wins, no matter how small. It’s also a chance to figure out what’s not working for you. Whatever you learn, you can carry forward into the next week, and use this to continuously improve your results each week.

It creates your personal learning loop for growth and greatness.

If you schedule it, it will happen, and it’s one of the simplest ways to improve your results every week.


That’s key to a good week. Plan, set goals, implement it, self-correct. That’s a perfect self-improving loop.